Several companies in our service area are ending plans in 2023

Here is my checklist to help you find a new plan:

  1. Visit our Google reviews to see why customers trust our agency for their plan choices.
  2. Promise yourself to contact me and schedule an appointment as soon as possible in October. Annual Enrollment is 54 days long, and my calendar fills up quickly. I prioritize appointments for those losing coverage first.
  3. Help me, help you - prepare a "fresh" list of doctors and specialists as well as your prescription drugs. The better your list, the better use of our time together. Dentists too; if you have/want dental coverage...
  4. Be ready, when I get there, in addition to #2 above, some folks change the login and password on the Medicare website, trying to find it uses valuable time. Please have it ready for me. Medicare's site will list every prescribed drug you receive in 2022, so the list above helps weed-out one time prescriptions.
  5. Also, have your new Medicare Card ready; the new one, is the only one that works! New cards do not have Gender on them. Call Social Security 800-772-1213 to receive a new card. It takes about 2-3 weeks to receive one by mail. No card, no enrollment. 
  6. Please stay away from those TV or social media ads - first, they have a high (50+%) complaint rate; second, I/they have access to the same plans; third, undoing their mistakes and misinformation takes longer.
  7. Use our Contact Us page to start the process...